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“Considering the contemporary world in its increasing complexity also means understanding religion and the foundations of faith as part of the important and enduring features of the social and political landscape.” Dr Michael Casey, Director, PM Glynn Institute

Launch of 'The Forgotten People' at Parliament House

Australia's foremost Aboriginal filmmaker, Rachel Perkins, has launched ‘The Forgotten People: Liberal and Conservative Approaches to recognising Indigenous Peoples’, which was co-edited by Damien Freeman, visiting scholar at the PM Glynn Institute, and Shireen Morris, senior policy advisor at Cape York Institute.

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Vice-Chancellor and President's remarks at the launch of the PM Glynn Institute

In launching the PM Glynn Institute, Australian Catholic University Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Greg Craven describes how the Institute will provide a standing capacity to analyse public policy issues which are of concern not only to the Catholic community and its various services, but to Australian society more generally.

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Director's remarks at the Launch of the PM Glynn Institute

The Director of the PM Glynn Institute, Dr Michael Casey, discusses how deeper thinking about over-the-horizon issues will play out in the work of the Institute.

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